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Information Technology is a critical component to the success of your business. IT problems and projects can take focus and time away from your business. Simplify your IT support and get more from your existing systems.
Macke Tech makes IT Solutions Simple. We provide a full range of IT Support services, from basic PC or server break/fix, to integrated network implementations. Macke Tech has the Experience, Knowledge and Know-how necessary to maximize your IT investment.
We focus on IT, so you keep focused on your business.

Network and Server Maintenance and Support Programs

Your Servers and Networks are integral components of the day-to-day operations of your business. You use them to communicate with your customers and partners, process your business transactions and store your mission critical business data. These systems must be up and running to keep your business operating at the highest levels. Macke Tech can help keep your business running and reduce downtime with our Network and Server Maintenance Programs.

Proactive Management

Each component of your network requires regular maintenance and support. To optimize the operations of this equipment, it should be reviewed at regular intervals, have a monitoring system in place, be patched and updated regularly, and evaluated for business needs periodically. Our approach works to identify problems before they happen. We can put monitoring in place to watch key metrics, and when problems do happen, our approach gives us the ability to identify and resolve much more quickly.

Security Focus

Across today's technology landscape there is a continuously changing bevy of threats to your data's security. Viruses, spyware, hackers, phishers, and spammers are constantly working to intrude on your computers.

At Macke Tech we offer preventative solutions that work to prevent these intrusions and keeping your data safe and your business team fully functional.

Quick Dependable Response

With monitoring tools in place, Macke Tech can respond before you may even see a problem. With our Maintenance Program in place, Macke Tech knows your systems inside and out, reducing troubleshooting time, meaning your systems are up and running faster.

Advanced Technology

Macke Tech brings the latest and some of the most powerful tools available to help keep your networks operating at their optimal levels. No matter of the complexity of your LANs, WANs, servers, and computing environment, Macke Tech has the skills, tools, and capabilities to help keep your business running and provide you IT Solutions Made Simple.

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2020 Fieldstone Pkwy, Suite 900 #170
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